No Room Service? Booking a Suite Makes More Sense Than Ever

New York Hilton Midtown - ExteriorNew York City’s largest hotel, the New York Hilton Midtown, caused quite a stir this week by announcing their plans to halt room service completely. The travel and lodging industry lit up with controversy and rumor at the iconic hotel’s announcement: “Is this the beginning of the end of room service?” “Will there be a domino effect with other hotels following suit?” “Are hotel restaurants at risk?” Sure, room service can be convenient in a pinch – say, when you roll into a smaller town on a late night flight, with no restaurants in sight – but guests staying in suites may not even notice the difference.

Room service is notoriously over-priced and service is often below par – what food that has to travel 40 floors up an elevator will be A) on time or B) still hot when it gets to you? And no one likes to pay for food before eating it – that Caesar salad is just a disappointment waiting to happen when you know just how much it cost you with tax and tip. New York Hilton Midtown - SuiteBut what’s the alternative if you have no choice but to stay in? This is when you’ll be glad you booked a suite.

There are many advantages to staying in a hotel suite as opposed to a standard room. Bigger rooms, better views, more luxurious features and amenities, separate bedroom and living areas, and one of the most popular perks — having your own kitchen. This doesn’t have to mean cooking your own 5-course meals (though if can), but if you’re in New York City – the city that never sleeps – you can order in or step outside to grab some reasonably priced carry out, and enjoy it in the comfort of your room with your own dining area and even your own silverware, plates, and glasses. It sure beats eating pizza on your bed.

The New York Hilton is nice and amazingly located – but there are even nicer hotels with just as good a location, so be sure to check out the full selection of suites in New York before you book!

New York Hilton Midtown - Penthouse

The New York Hilton Midtown’s luxurious Penthouse Suite

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