Name That Suite: The Luxury Hotel Suite from Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman Suite with PosterName That Suite is our new series of blog posts where we focus on suites spotted in movies and television. If you’re interested in booking a suite where your favorite James Bond movie was filmed, or if you want to know more about that beautiful resort you saw in the latest Burn Notice episode, this series is for you! For our first post, we’ll reveal the hotel suite made famous by Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in the 1990 modern romantic classic, Pretty Woman.

Ah, true love – it gets us every time. This time it just so happened to be between a man a hired escort, but who are we to judge? Stranger things have happened in reality. Not everyone will admit to liking the movie, but there’s certainly something very appealing, if not familiar, about the story – a down-and-out but smart, feisty, and attractive young woman meets a very rich and very suave suitor and they fall desperately and quickly in love, under the most unlikely of circumstances. Whether or not you’re a fan, the box offices don’t lie – Pretty Woman remains the highest grossing romantic comedy of all time.

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Like it or hate it, you’ve probably seen it. Vivian (Julia Roberts) is surrounded suddenly by a life of exquisite luxury, not the least of which is Edward’s (Richard Gere’s) hotel suite at the historic 5-star Beverly Wilshere Hotel in Beverly Hills. Before getting your hopes too high, we’ll just come out and say it: unfortunately, the exact suite you saw in the movie isn’t bookable – it doesn’t actually exist. Although the hotel itself in the movie is very real, the couple’s penthouse suite was constructed on set for the movie. That was a disappointment to us too initially, but step one foot inside and you may change your mind. It’s worth mentioning that Four Seasons is now managing the Beverly Wilshere, and their suites are held to the same extraordinary standards Four Seasons is known for worldwide.

Beverly Wilshere Penthouse Suite

Julia Roberts would love these amazing Penthouse Suite views

The highlight of the Beverly Wilshere is the marble-laden Penthouse Suite. A massive 5,000 sq ft, it’s the largest suite in the city. It’s may not be the same room as the Pretty Woman penthouse suite – but with two bedrooms, three marble bathrooms, a ten-person table, even a luxury car at your disposal, it may be even better. The room can sleep up to four adults and 2 children, which we find quite conservative considering the square footage! The Penthouse and other specialty suites at the Beverly Wilshere are a sight to behold, but as you may have guessed, they are quite expensive, and quite difficult to book (only available on special request).

For those of us without small fortunes, there are several other suites available which are still impressive and far more reasonable. For guests looking for the best views, we recommend the Corner Beverly Suite (950 sq ft) with wrap-around balcony; for the best suite space (separate bedroom and living areas), we recommend the Deluxe Beverly Suite (725 sq ft); or for the best of both worlds take a look at the  Signature Rodeo Suite (975 sq ft). Check out some of the pictures in the gallery below or visit the hotel page for details on suite availability and amenities, and book your own (better than) Pretty Woman suite at the Beverly Wilshere in Beverly Hills today!

Movie stills courtesy of: Touchstone Pictures, Silver Screen Partners IV
Hotel pictures courtesy of: Beverly Wilshire – Beverly Hills, A Four Seasons Hotel

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