Is Bigger Better? Saving Big On Multiple Bedroom Suites

Select up to 8 adultsDid you know that you can now search for suites with room for as many as 8 guests on Book a Suite?

Fitting that many people into a single suite may seem like a tall order, but these rooms are designed with several guests in mind, and usually they are the nicest rooms at the hotel, with multiple separate bedrooms and bathrooms. It almost goes without saying that not all hotels have multiple bedroom suites – in fact, they can be difficult to find (or non-existent) in some cities – but it’s worth searching for. Not only do these rooms tend to make for memorable experiences – a bachelor or bachelorette party you’ll never forget, or a roomy retreat for a family vacation – but they may just end up saving you money too.

Let’s take a look at one such money saving example. Say you’re organizing a group trip to Las Vegas with 7 friends on a budget. You can either split up into 2 or more rooms, or see if there are any suites available for 8 guests – surely you’ll find fewer rooms that way, but what’s the harm in looking?
Three Bedroom Suite at Marriott's Grand Chateau
One room you may find is the Three Bedroom Villa at Marriott’s Grand Chateau just east of the Strip – a huge 2,095 sq ft (189 sqm) suite with 3 bedrooms (4 beds total), 3 bathrooms, 2 sofa beds, a full kitchen, and a dining table seating 8 guests. And it gets raving guest reviews to boot!

Sounds great… must be expensive though right? Starting around $300 USD per night, it may not look cheap at first glance, but divide the cost out and it comes to less than $40 USD per night per guest. For a huge suite by the Strip, that’s hard to beat – if you were to book 4 standard rooms at Marriott’s Grand Chateau, it would cost each guest nearly double that.

This is just one example, but imagine the possibilities! Next time you’re traveling with a group, search for a multiple guest suite before booking separate rooms. Just keep in mind that most hotels don’t offer such gigantic rooms, so the more adults per room you include in your search, the fewer results you’ll see – but with just a little effort you may just find a BIG deal.

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