Haunted Hotel Suites From The Shining and Dumb and Dumber

Stanley Hotel - ExteriorScenes from these two very different classics were filmed at this beautiful 140-room hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, with a variety of suites including 3 bedroom condos with room for up to 8 guests. Read on to find out more about this spectacular spooky hotel that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining after staying in a room here.

The Stanley Hotel was featured in Dumb and Dumber as the upscale “Danbury Hotel”, where Harry and Lloyd stay as they quickly burn through the millions of dollars they recently discovered in a suitcase. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels have played many roles, some serious (such as Jeff Daniel’s latest role in the HBO drama The Newsroom) and some silly, but Dumb and Dumber is arguably the silliest of them all. Some of the film’s most hilarious scenes were filmed at the Stanley Hotel, where the duo acquired a Lamborghini and some ridiculous fur boots among many other laughable luxuries.

Stanley Hotel Dumb and Dumber fur boots

Lloyd sports his fancy new fur boots on the steps of the Stanley Hotel (image courtesy of VH1).

Moving from silly to scary – Stephen King’s story “The Shining” was inspired by his stay at the nearly-vacant hotel just before it closed down for an extended time. Unfortunately, Stanley Kubrick excluded the hotel from his famous 1980 movie interpretation starring Jack Nicholson, instead filming mostly on set and using a different hotel for the exterior scenes, but the 4.5 hour 1997 TV miniseries starring Steven Weber was more faithful to King’s story and featured The Stanley Hotel heavily.

Stanley Hotel - Condo

Stay in rustic luxury in one of the spacious condos at the Stanley Hotel.

The Stanley has actually long been rumored to be haunted by ghosts, including the original owners, as well as a housekeeper that was injured during a 1911 storm in Room 217 – the same room Stephen King stayed in. Some guests have reported lights turning on and off, hearing children running and laughing, having their luggage packed, or even being tucked in at night. It sounds spooky, but rest assured – if there are indeed ghosts at the hotel, they’re friendly ones!

The spacious condos at the Stanley Hotel offer multiple bedrooms per unit, and are full of rustic charm, fitting in perfectly with the beautiful Colorado landscapes surrounding the hotel.

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