10 Amazing Vegas Suites for the Ultimate Bachelor Party

Hardwood Suite at The Palms Casino Resort

When you think bachelor party, you probably think immediately of Vegas – and not just because of The Hangover. Las Vegas has been setting the scene for countless bachelor parties for years – heck, it’s practically a man’s rite of passage into married life. And if it’s your last time together as crazy, irresponsible bachelors, what better way to send off your best friend than a wild Vegas weekend in a luxury suite?

The Palms Casino Resort
The Palms remains one of the trendiest hotels in Vegas, despite the fact that it’s not on the Strip. People in the know are recognizing that you don’t need to chase the party around town when you’re already where the party’s at. In addition to great clubs and nightlife, The Palms has an amazing and diverse collection of suites, and you’re certain to find something to suit your group’s taste.

1. Hardwood Suite
This impressive 10,000 ft2 suite is the ultimate man cave, with a basketball court, pool table, 11 TVs, and a full bar. There’s plenty of room to party, with space for up to 350 people, and sleeping space for your whole crew (up to 18 guests). Rates start around $25,000 per night, but split between the 18 of you, that’s less than $1,400 each for an absolutely epic night.

2. Kingpin Suite
Another gem among the Palms Luxe Collection is the 4,500 ft2 Kingpin Suite. It’s about half the size of the Hardwood, and sleeps just 6, but its amenities are no less impressive. Throw a bash for up to 100 guests with your own bowling lanes, pool table, 130-inch projection TV (not to mention the 11 other TVs), and of course – a full bar. Nightly rates starting around $7,500.

3. Two Story Sky Villa
Partying in the heat of summer? Enjoy the best swim in Sin City in your personal cantilevered pool overlooking the Strip below when you book a Two Story Sky Villa at the Palms. As if the views from the pool weren’t breathtaking enough, 2 of the 4 bedrooms in this 9,000 ft2 suite have private balconies with some of the best views in town. Room for 300 guests, sleeps up to 12, and starts around $50,000 per night.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino featuring HRH Tower Suites
Like The Palms, the Hard Rock Hotel (HRH) and Casino is located off the Strip and offers a variety of themed luxury suites with a hip and trendy vibe. HRH caters especially to the guys and girls “night out” groups, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular bachelor party hotels in Vegas – they even have bachelor party packages and dining menus available. (They have divorce party packages too, but let’s stay on topic!)

4. Penthouse Real World Suite
This 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 4,950 ft2 main features include a private hot tub (room for 6), a single-lane bowling alley, and a pool table. The full kitchen and space at the table for 12 guests is an added bonus, especially if there is a guy in your crew has some cooking skills.

5. Paradise Tower Penthouse
Not your average 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath suite – the 3,436 ft2 Paradise Tower Penthouse is especially bachelor-party friendly with 2 dancer poles, pool table, and a full bar.

6. Bachelor Pad
If you’re traveling with a small entourage, you may be able to save some extra cash for the tables by booking the 850 ft2 Bachelor Pad. It’s smaller in size, but doesn’t skimp on style, and the dancing pole and 2 private lap-dance booths may come in handy too.

Caesars Palace
Caesars Palace has long been an icon of the Las Vegas Strip, and has made countless Hollywood appearances over the years. Most notably in recent years – the instant classic comedy “The Hangover” – no top 10 list of bachelor party suites would be complete without Caesars Palace’s “Hangover suite”. If you’d like to stay on the Strip to be in the center of it all, Caesars Palace may be the perfect fit.

7. Forum Tower Emperor Suite
The suite featured in “The Hangover” was actually constructed on set for filming (pretty sure Caesars has a strict no-tiger policy), so you can’t book THE suite, but it was based heavily on the two story Forum Tower Emperor Suite at Caesars Palace.

8. Tower Penthouse Villas
Certainly one of Las Vegas’ best kept secrets, the Tower Penthouse Villas at Caesars Palace are very exclusive, very private (you’ll find hardly a mention on their website), very luxurious, very huge, and very expensive. That’s a lot of verys – but believe me, it’s not enough. With prices starting around (or rumored to be) $40,000 per night, these immense 10,000+ ft2 villas are for high rollers only.

ARIA Sky Suites at ARIA Resort and Casino
The ARIA opened in 2009 and quickly became known as one of the trendiest luxury hotels in Vegas. The suites and villas in the ARIA Sky Suites collection are the pinnacle of that luxury, overflowing with glitz and glamour.
ARIA Sky Villa #11zoom

9. Two-Story Sky Villa (#11)
The ARIA Sky Villas are offered in various configurations, with options for 2 stories, a billiard room with game table, a private massage room, a sauna and steam room, a private exercise room, and 36 ft floor-to-ceiling windows. With the golden staircase, you may have to pinch yourself to realize you didn’t just die and go to heaven.

Encore at Wynn Las Vegas
Opened in 2008, Encore at Wynn Las Vegas still feels like a relatively new casino hotel on the Strip and, like it’s older brother Wynn, is known for top notch service and amenities. You’ll find great nightlife, with 3 top clubs including award-winning XS Nightclub.Three Bedroom Duplex Apartmentzoom

10. Three Bedroom Duplex Apartment
The two-story, 5,829 ft2 Three Bedroom Duplex is one of the swankiest suites on the Strip. Notable amenities for bachelor parties include a billiard room and a personal massage room with treadmill (amazing views included).

Editor’s note: There are a wide range of Vegas hotel suites to suit every customer and every budget. The “Ultimate” suites in this post are likely to be out of the average guest’s price range, and in some cases are not available for reservation at all, but only available to the “high rollers” who spend a small fortune at the casino. But stay tuned! In a follow up post we’ll be looking at some great bachelor party suites that won’t break the bank.

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